Who We Are

We are a newly-formed, 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Nevada County, California.  ​

Our board currently consists of three members whose contributions to the the organization are voluntary and 100% unpaid.  One of our top goals is to put all of the money that we receive as donations toward housing unhoused people.  In other words, if you donate $10,000, we want your $10,000 to go directly to housing.  In an effort to utilize donations most effectively, we will use volunteer labor whenever possible.  We will be seeking volunteers from the community to work with us.  We will be working with various agencies and social workers in Nevada and Placer counties to help identify individuals and families to be housed, with an emphasis on veterans and single parents.

We will be helping individuals and families become residents of T.I.N.Y. Home communities based on multiple factors including demonstrating a desire to be off the street, actively working to better their current situation, and committing to collaborate with their community to meet common needs and goals.  We are giving people a hand upnot a hand-out.

Mark Root


Mark is a native Californian, born in the SF bay area in 1956. He built a home in the foothills in the mid 80s and raised two children. Mark has worked as a residential and commercial contractor in Nevada and Placer counties for the past 35 years.

Jim Moule


Jim was born at Miners hospital and grew up in the Spring Hill area between Grass Valley and Nevada City. He purchased Moules Paint & Glass in 1975 from his parents. Jim just recently retired to help the less fortunate in his community.

Dick Law


Dick has been an active real estate broker in Nevada County for over 40 years. While raising his family in Penn Valley, Dick has become an active member of several community organizations. Seeing the need in the area, Dick is working with the county and social services agencies to correct today’s homeless problem.