This Is Now Your Home

As of January 2018, over 550,000 people were counted as homeless in the United States.  Of these, nearly 200,000 were unsheltered.  In 2018 (the year for which the most recent statistics were available), in Nevada and Placer counties alone, there were nearly 1000 people living outside.


What it means to have a place of your own…

Life was a struggle, however I was determined to give my children security and a good life. Once I was able to find housing, life really improved and we became a family.


It was life changing, for myself and the children. It was wonderful to find a group willing to find us worthy and help us have the stability to be a family.


Why Tiny Homes?

Example illustration of TINY Home interior. Final design and construction may differ.

Affordability.  Minimal impact.  Portability.  Fire-wise.

Our homes will be between 160 and 240 square feet.  They will be constructed on an all steel platform trailer designed for TINY Home, and clad with steel siding and roofing in an effort to address the ever-present fire danger that exists in California.  They will be built on trailers for portability.  Our low-maintenance homes will be designed to minimally impact their settings both environmentally and aesthetically.  They will have heating and air conditioning and be fully insulated for comfort, and will, when necessary, be equipped with composting toilets for truly off-grid capability.  It is extremely important to us that our homes are fully integrated into their surroundings. 

We are confident that we can build each unit for approximately $30,000 using primarily volunteer labor.